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Guelph Neighbourhoods

What makes a neighbourhood truly great? A look inside Guelph Neighbourhoods.

Looking throughout Guelph neighbourhoods for a place to call home you must consider the offerings unique to each neighbourhood.

Always remember the golden rule of real estate: you’re not just buying a home — you are also becoming a part of a neighbourhood. Luckily Guelph neighbourhoods have an abundance of offerings!

Lifestyle match

A truly great neighbourhood is one in sync with your current lifestyle. Homebuyers tend to gravitate to areas with similar demographics that cater to their current needs.

Pride in ownership

All great neighbourhoods have this in common. Pride in ownership is obvious when the residents maintain their homes and care about their neighbourhood.

Great schools

For homeowners with children, great schools top their list of what makes a great neighbourhood. Not only are great schools important for families with children, they also make the surrounding neighbourhoods more valuable and more sought after, keeping property values strong.

Outdoor activities abound

Being close to the outdoor adventures you love can sweeten the appeal of your neighbourhood.

Stepping back in time

Older neighbourhoods most often have tree-lined streets and a feeling of establishment. New developments are wonderful but the charm of older, established neighbourhoods have a charm you can’t find in newer areas. If this is important to you, there are many areas in Guelph that are perfectly steeped in history and charm.


Lots of other families in the neighbourhood are a real draw for buyers with children. There are more opportunities for children to play, socialize, and make lifelong friends. Carpooling groups and other children’s programs are much more accessible when the neighbourhood is overflowing with kiddos.

Close to public transportation

Easy access to public transportation is a fantastic plus for a neighbourhood and an amenity for almost any lifestyle. From a commuting millennial to a retiree who wants to keep the car at home, public transit is a solid upgrade to any neighbourhood.

Nearby shopping and restaurants

If you want to be part of the hustle and bustle (and don’t want to cook dinner every night), having great restaurants, shopping, and markets in proximity is a must! Guelph’s downtown core is a great option if this is a must!

Nightlife and entertainment

This could be the one thing that makes your neighbourhood come alive and feel like home to you. This is a priority for anyone who is young and single, but everyone appreciates a neighbourhood where the hot spots are within walking distance, or a short cab ride away. Again, Guelph’s downtown core is booming with things to do and places to go!


Being able to leave the car keys at home and hit the pavement to walk to amenities can alleviate a lot of money spent on gas and make you fall even deeper in love with your neighbourhood.

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